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We offer coaching services to people who require additional support, helping them build skills to manage their health and develop coping strategies. Our coaching services include one-to-one and group sessions to provide personalized support and guidance challenged individuals.

Trainings and Seminars

Our trainings and seminars are geared towards helping women reclaim their hope, wholeness, and territory in marriage, family, career, and destiny 


Workshops and Outreaches

We reach people through workshops, health fairs, webinars, and other community events.

Our course and workshops include group sessions, lectures, and online courses to educate and support women and couples struggling with communication, conflicts, fears, etc.  challenges.

Counseling Services  Coming Soon

Hello! I’m Omolola (Lola) Lawal

Licensed Therapist and Coach

I am a licensed counselor, spiritual, and life coach. I dedicate my time to providing coaching, training, and mentoring services for women constantly distressed by life challenges, marriage crises, children or parenting problems, and more.

Women in today’s society face countless challenges that weigh on their overall well-being. Despite the rapid strides in promoting gender equality, many women still encounter socio-economic power, position, status, and dependence challenges. These and other cultural biases and family-related norms and issues contribute to increased mental health disturbances among women.

I aim to help these women set achievable goals, speak against their fears, and break the cycle of negative, limiting beliefs. I support emotionally distressed women, helping them reconnect with society and regain self-confidence and self-worth through evidence, faith-based principles, and skillful practices.

I am here to provide spiritual guidance towards your growth and fulfillment of destiny, helping them become their best and regain confidence. I work with organizations to bring insightful messages to educate women and young adults on mental health and wellness and how to take charge of their destinies.

I look forward to walking with you on your healing journey to reclaim your identity and well-being.

About us


Champions Heart Oasis is an organization that caters to your holistic well-being and mental wellness.

Our approach is results-oriented, aimed at helping you attain holistic physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

We help distressed women, young adults, and children overcome challenges and achieve their life goals while improving capacity, competence, and productivity.

With our vast knowledge and experience with people of diverse populations, we provide a supportive and empowering environment, ensuring you feel safe and comfortable while seeking care.

We’ll help you understand your needs and develop useful and effective skills to face your problems and cope with your challenges.

Connect with us; let’s hear your story and help you overcome your fears and heal

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My Approach

My passion for the Spiritual and Emotional Well-being of Individuals led me to the field of counseling and coaching  after a 19 years career in the Oil and Gas sector. I believe that total healing encompasses the spirit, mind, and body. I utilize both evidence-based practices and biblical principles in helping my clients heal and achieve their goals. 

"Omolola Lawal and I have come a long way, and I can attest that she is a very strong woman of faith, a prayer warrior, a therapist, a counselor, a loving wife, and a fantastic mother. When she told me about the “Speaking Against Fears” challenge, I keyed into it because I have been under her tutelage before and knew it was going to bless me. As at that time, I was battling with a lot of fears. The challenge did not only help me to identify my fears but also taught me to speak against them and also helped me to weed out unwanted elements in my life. ." T. Oladapo

"Her calm demeanor, the depth of her wisdom, and her knowledge of scriptures in backing up her counsel filled my heart with hope and, by extension, my home, as I started putting all I had learnt into practice. Two years under her tutelage and guidance have been nothing short of spectacular. I have experienced massive growth personally and in my marriage. There has been a tremendous shift in my life evidenced by my level of confidence, career growth, and walk with God." J. Ogunleye

"A passionate and compassionate therapist, she goes the extra mile to ensure her clients have an in-depth transformational experience. She's your go-to person for clarity on your life's journey, marriage counseling, and coaching in a non-judgemental but down-to-earth atmosphere.

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